"It Takes A Community"

Supportive Care

"Because the end of life is part of living."

We are, with the help of community volunteer power, a place of emotional, spiritual, and social support of the dying person and his or her loved ones. Our support services are designed to help achieve the highest quality of living throughout the dying process. We believe that every moment matters and strive to provide comfort and support while respecting the dignity of every human being.

Through staff and volunteers, we offer hands-on, nurturing care to relieve pain, stress, anxiety and isolation. Massage, shampoo, and haircuts, aroma therapy are available by appointment.

The Compassion Homes staff will collaborate with your hospice nurse to make sure your pain and other symptoms are controlled. We are committed to ensuring your comfort to the best of our ability following the care plan that your hospice service provides. Staff and volunteers become an extension of your family providing 24/7 care.

Our Providers

Spectrum Health Hospice 


Local 616-391-4220


Elara Caring 



Harbor Hospice



Hospice of Michigan


Heartland Hospice 


Local 231-924-0153

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